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5 Free tools for finding cheap business class flights

Date: 02-04-2020

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Flying in economy can be a real hassle. It’s hard to find a decent sleeping position, cramp in your legs and of course the poor food.

But you have probably walked by the business class in front of the plane. When you fly business class you can enjoy wide, soft seats with unlimited legroom. The seats can turn in full-flat beds so it feels like you are sleeping on clouds. And you can enjoy some fine-dining accompanied by a glass of champagne.

Finding affordable business class tickets can be a challenge. The prices can be 5x – 8x times higher than economy class. 

But sometimes the prices make a huge drop when the seats go on sale. Or sometimes they make an error and the business class tickets are ridiculously cheap. Finding those cheap business class tickets is way easier with these 5 free tools.

Explore cheap fares on the worldmap

When you’re on the hunt for a cheap business class ticket, Google flights is the best place to start. Their explorer tool is super convenient for finding the lowest prices.

Set your departing airport, price limit and have fun spotting the best business class fares.

  • Best starting point for flight searching
  • See a lot of destinations at the same time
  • Easy to spot cheap destinations

Double check for the lowest fares

Google Flights doesn’t always show the lowest fares possible. Most of the time you can find cheaper fares using an online travel site. With this handy Chrome extension you can convert the Google Flight search to Skyscanner, Momondo and Kayak.

These three search engines scan hundreds of online travel sites so you always find the cheapest fares possible.

  • Easy one-click comparing
  • Find the lowest business class fares

Know when to book

The (ITA) Matrix is a flight search engine originally designed by MIT computer experts. Today the Matrix is owned by Google and this search engine also powers Google Flights and many other search engines. 

With this very cool tool, you can find the fare rules.

  • Know before when you need to book
  • Can you book a (free) stopover
  • Which dates are available

More miles, more upgrades

When you fly you can earn miles with a reward program and you should. Because with these air miles you can ‘buy’ upgrades to business class. With Where to Credit you can see where you get the most miles for your buck.

  • Calculate how many miles you will get
  • Where can you credit your miles the best

Free deal alerts in your mailbox

The last (but not least) free tool you can use is the Luxury Flight Club. Simply join the club by entering your mail and you will receive alerts when we find cheap business class flights.

We search day and night for sudden price drops in business class and first class.

  • Free deal alerts in your mailbox
  • No affiliate sites
  • We track special sales and error fares for you

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