Hi I'm Skip

Flying in business class doesn't have to cost a lot of money

Everyone can fly in business class for a reasonable price. Airlines do put their premium seats on sale from time to time. And that’s where I come in.

Every day I go on a little treasure hunt for cheap business class flights. When I find a gem, I share it with the members of the Luxury Flight Club.

How it started

I was getting tired (literally) of crampy flights in economy class. But I don’t like to use my life savings on a single flight in business class. So I started to look for cheap fares and found a pretty good one.

It was a €700 roundtrip fare from Europe to Asia. That didn’t sound bad for a lie-flat seat. So I posted the fare on a forum and many people booked it. This feeling got really addicting.

How it's going

I made a website where people could join a newsletter. Whenever I find a great fare, I’ll send an email alert to everyone who’s on the email list.

I like to keep the email alerts short and crisp with some fare examples. If you want to know more about the deal, you can click the link which will take you to the deal post on the website. Here I go into further detail, this is some info I like to share:



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Join 2,400+ club members receiving free deal alerts in their email