How to Find Cheap Business Class Tickets (Guide)

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My name is Skip – and I love flying business class. But, as a Dutchman, I don’t like to pay full fare. So every day I search the internet for cheap business class tickets. Whenever I come across a bargain – I post it on this website and send an alert to members of the Luxury Flight Club.

So what kind of cheap fares are there? You can divide the deals into 3 main categories. Common airline sales, super sales and the holy grail of business class tickets: error fares. A general rule of thumb is that the better the fare, the shorter the fare lasts. Here are a few examples from the past couple of months:

Common sales these fares usually last 1 – 2 weeks:


Super sales these fares usually last a couple of days:


Error fares these fares usually last a couple of hours:

1. Use Google Flights and scan the explorer map for noticeable cheap fares

This is where I start my day, and it’s the easiest way to spot cheap business class tickets. When you go to Google Flights Explorer you can fill in multiple departing airports. This way you can see multiple fares at once. If you set up flexible dates – Google will automatically show you the cheapest fares in the coming months.

First, you’ll need to click on the fare (if it’s a good one). Then, you can use the calendar to find the cheapest travel dates. Select your dates and Google Flights will then show you all the fares that are available.

2. Try an online travel agent for cheaper fares

You can often find even lower fares with an online travel agent (OTA) like Skyscanner or Expedia. Try the travel dates you have found on Google Flights on those sites – and see if it lowers the price.

Some low fares don’t show up in the Google Flights explorer map, but you can find them via an OTA. After a while, you’ll get to know which routes are missing, And sometimes you just need a bit of luck on your side.

3. Join the Luxury Flight Club

Finding cheap flights takes a lot of time. And fares can change a couple of times per day. But – you don’t need to waste your time hunting as I’m already searching for every day. So I’ll be happy to send you an email if I find a cheap business class ticket. If you join the Luxury Flight Club you’ll be the first to find out about the bargain business class tickets I find.

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I love flying in the premium classes. But, as a Dutchman, I don't like to pay the full fare. So that's why I try to find good deals on business class & first class seats. When I find one, I'll share it on this website and send an alert to the members of the Luxury Flight Club.

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